Portrait photography commissions

The biggest single challenge for a corporate headshot photographer is to understand the client’s perspective about having a portrait taken. I would say that 80% of the portraits I took so far this year have been of people that did not really want the portrait taken. Unless a individual can see a direct benefit to themselves of having a professional corporate headshot taken they do not want to get involved with the process.

When I am offered a commission it normally is sourced from the marketing dept of a company. The marketing people can see the benefits of capturing good professional staff portraits of all their peole to use in all areas of the companies media. The problem is that when I am called in to take the portraits I am normally confronted with individuals who would rather be getting on with their work. I have developed techniques to help things run more smoothly but you have to be aware that you are not going to get an easy ride. Making people relaxed and comfortable is important. You have to win them over and make them see that you are there to take a good photo of them, and that this will be a business benefit to themselves and their company. I normally let them see preview images on the back of the camera, if they like what they see they relax, give me a bit more time and tell the next sitter that it was ‘not that bad’

Commissions for social media are the exact opposite. Clients are normally commissioning me as they can see a direct benefit to themselves.

This series of portraits are taken from an earlier commission for Jon Lisby from Kreston International. He required some portraits of himself looking natural and informal. I decided to shoot these outside his office in Chiswell Street as just opposite was an interesting new glass fronted building which I new would make a good graphic background.

Jon new the benefits of a good headshot that would make a great first impression on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

Business portrait for James Potter who advises clients on using LinkedIn to their full advantage. You can find him on LinkedIn where he has an impressive 120 recommendations.

James needed a portrait that made him look like an expert and a confident, approachable person. He gave me lots of time to do the portrait, was open to suggestions and wanted to be part of the shoot.