skills of photography

Portrait photographing skills and post-production of “MoriGirl Style”

Using the backlight to produce dazzling outline light around the figures and building a kind of very wonderful atmosphere is a good way to shoot mori style’s photos. Post-production revising also can let the screen with more “MoriGirl Style”.

The glare photographing portraits when use the backlighting skillfully

The photographer Warrior likes to use glare to photograph backlighting portrait, he does not use flash to fill light, because the flash can darken the background in a certain extent and destroy the atmosphere of natural environment, so you should control exposure value well under the glare.

When the glare is relatively strong, you can reduce the exposure half a block after carrying out photometry of the face, then you need to adjust the position of the camera. The aperture is F1.4 and shutter speed is 1/1250 seconds, set sensitivity to ISO 100, use Canon 5 d Mark II and Canon EF35mm F1.4 L lens.

Blow the hair back, and the sun is on the bottom of the model’s head, while the arm appears the glare, it does not affect the subject, so he adjusts the horizontal position of the camera number and captures this moment.

Use smoke to build “Tyndall phenomenon”

The above photo was photographed an hour before the sun set in the evening, at this time, all around were bathed in golden warm light of the setting sun, it was also the golden period of photographing backlighting. Aizi wanted to photograph the dreamy feeling in memory. When photographing, she used the smoke cake, he asked friends to fan up on one side to let the smoke spread, it was around four o ‘clock in the afternoon, the sun was right, the original beam that through the leaves became more obvious under the influence of the smoke, this was what everyone always said “Tyndall phenomenon”. She used Nikon D700 external Nikon AF – S35mm F2 D lens, when photographing the medium shot, she let the model ran in the mist, which presented a dreamy atmosphere, some film used decoking photographing so as to make the pictures have a dream feeling.

Use optional color and color balance to control fundamental tone

For the post-production of “MoriGirl Style”, Nikki often uses optional color and color balance to control the tone. Optional colors focus on adjusting red and yellow to let the environmental tone in the photo tends to warm tone and bright and fresh, adjust the brightness appropriately to add some magic feeling to the photo, match white balance and selective color adjustment to make transparent color of skin coordinated with the environmental tone, and finally remove defects, grinding skin, etc.