Healthy, Happy and More Skilled: Why Sports Gear Matters

Sports offer children much more than just the excitement of being on a team. It keeps them active, teaches them about setting goals and helps them to cope with an occasional disappointment. As happy as parents are to see their children participate, many are surprised by the amount of items even the youngest players need. Unfortunately, it is never a good idea to try to avoid this part of participating or to only purchase the lowest priced items. Having what they need and choosing good quality items contributes very much to the overall experience children have when they compete. It is so important that even websites like offers reviews on athletic gear for children.

Preventing Sports Injuries

Head protection is the most important consideration in many types of sports, but it is not the only one. Many sports require padding for knees, shoulders and shins. Shoes reduce the risk of foot and ankle injuries and eye protection preserves vision. Children need good safety gear more than any other group of athletes because of the vulnerability of their growing bodies.

Improving Sports Performance

The right gear makes it easier for children to learn the correct techniques and perform better. Gloves, bats and clothing can all affect their performance. Community teams or school-led sports groups for very young athletes often require parents to purchase everything their child will use. It is nearly impossible for them to keep on-hand gear that will fit every size and age of child. Using items that are too large or too small will hinder performance and could lead to accidents and injuries.

Encouraging More Participation

All children want to fit in, especially when they are attempting to become a part of a team. Not having the right gear and wearing clothing that is not appropriate for the sport may make them feel like they are not really a part of the team.

Parents have to be prepared for repeated investments because they will outgrow their items so quickly. Luckily, sports participation is so important to the health and well being of children it is worth the investment. Participating in organized sports has been proven to improve cognitive skills, high-school athletes attend college at higher rates than non-athletes and more than 94 percent of female corporate executives questioned said they believed their previous sports participation aided them in reaching their career goals.