Aerial Photography

An aerial photograph is an image of ground taken from a height. The cameras are generally fixed at aircraft, helicopters, balloons and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), etc. The camera may be a remote control or radio operated so the photographer can capture the target when the camera is in air. But it shouldn’t be misunderstood / mixed with air-to-air photography, which is the picture of a flying aircraft taken by other flying aircraft.

Aerial photos and videos are deepening their roots in Real estate business by establishing new scopes for a better Real estate marketing. But what pushes us to say that it is really required for Real estate business? The outlook of any product creates the impression in the buyer’s mind about that product, which could become its final impression.   So the concept of Aerial Photography to Hire Services is a good choice.

Aerial photos are broadly divided into two types, Vertical aerial pictures, and Oblique aerial pictures. Both are used on different platforms. Before choosing Aerial Photography to Hire Services of it, the customer should ensure whether he wants a vertical image of his property to use it for the purpose of mapping and land use planning or he wants the pictures taken at different angles to express the beauty of his property.

For Potential Buyers-

When someone steps out to purchase a new property, the first thought which strikes his mind is to search for a dreamland within his budget. Most of the time they don’t get it , not only because of the hike in property prices. Sometimes the property agents are unable to show the beauty of that land to the customer. Here the aerial photography finds its use to show the buyer a variety of things, like

  •   Showing the entire land / property by taking high aerial pictures like a map view.
  •   Take medium aerial images to capture at different angles to show the property features, property line and layout.
  •   Low elevated scenes to have a slenderly raised & unequaled angle of the land that typical pictures cannot show.
  •   Also, it can cover the surrounding area & neighborhood, showing the land’s nearness to various facilities like an airport, railway station, bank, park, restaurants, etc.

All the above points are covering the viewpoints to attract a buyer, but what for those people (the builders) who want to make money from land? Does aerial photography also make a sense for them? Think of a builder who has made his mind build a business tower at the highway near a lake. How would he search for the land? Most probably he will go to a local agent and put his demand. The idea was not bad, but it is a typical approach. The better choice is to hire a professional aerial photographer or simply a drone. It has the following advantages,

  •    It will take less time to cover the same area.
  •     It will provide the view of land at different angles , a mapped/ vertical view will distribute land into different zones and an angled view will provide its different layout.