3 Tips for Choosing the Right Workout Wear

Whether a person is heading to the gym or running around the neighborhood, it’s important to be wearing the right clothing for working out. Exercise and activity require lots of movement and when clothes aren’t comfortable or don’t fit well, it can make the entire experience less appealing. Here are three tips for making sure that the right workout wear is housed inside the closet or drawers of your home.

Fit Matters

It’s important that shirts, tanks, shorts, and pants all fit well. Skipping over this important step could leave a person with shorts falling down at the gym or chaffing on certain areas because things are too tight. When trying something on, be sure to move around a lot, using a large range of motion to see how things feel. If the clothing is tight when stretching, or isn’t staying up during lunges, it might not be the right size. Don’t risk buying something that doesn’t fit only to find that it sits in the drawer and never gets to see the light of the gym.


Some materials are better for a workout than others. Today, moisture wicking fabric is ideal because it helps to move the sweat away from the body, helping to keep a person dry no matter how hard he or she is working. Spandex and Lycra may not be something that looks good at work or out on a date, but it’s perfect for an exercise atmosphere. Fabrics also need to be of some quality because workout wear is going to be washed over and over again. Sport-tek offers multiple pieces of clothing with moisture wicking that will help keep a person comfortable while working hard.

Different Clothes for Different Situations

Lifting in the gym may require different clothing when compared to taking an early morning run in the winter. Don’t be afraid to buy different clothing for different uses. While there are key pieces that everyone will need, a jacket, longer sleeved shirts, and compression tights may be things that only work in certain situations. However, having these items on hand can allow a person to mix up his or her workout routine and help combat boredom.