Tips and Tricks to Master Photography

download-1Still life photography is a highly appreciated art form, wherein each photographer has a certain style. The idea is to convey a ‘story’ with the means of a snap. Still life photographers always experiment with different compositions and they play with the light and shadow over the objects of their composition.

Photography is a humongous art form that has various types of sections as per an individual’s interest. A few photography types would include fashion, nature, fine art, wedding, advertising, still life, portrait, architectural, travel, candid, macro, black and white, night, digital, nude, etc.

Still life photography gives a photographer the liberty and freedom to arrange the object in the way he/she wants. Let us focus on the basic criteria that needs to be kept in mind for this type of photography.
What is Still Life Photography?

One must have seen the wonderful pictures in the magazines and brochures, especially the ones where an ice cream or cherry looks so delicious that you feel like grabbing it immediately. It is the magic of still life photography that makes it look so life-like. This photography is the depiction of inanimate subjects or a group

Famous Photographers

images-3It could be a hobby to some, a profession to others, or just simply an obsession. Photography has inspired and stimulated the minds of many, including some of these famous photographers who are pioneers in the field.

There is more to photography then just freezing the right frame. Photography can have limitless categories and doing justice to all the pioneers of photography and even the current trendsetters would require the compilation of a photography Bible! When William Henry Fox Talbot invented the negative/positive photographic process, he probably had not imagined the intensity of the popularity of this medium. Today, photography is divided into different categories that can range from fashion, wildlife, interiors, portraits, abstracts, travel, food…. the list is endless.

Let us take a quick look at some of the most famous photographers in the popular categories.
Fashion Photography
Irving Penn
This American photographer was known for his chic and elegant frames especially post World War II. After his graduation in 1938, he was a part of the ‘Vogue’ magazine where he employed techniques such as the use of white or gray

Tips Make Your Photography

images-2With an upcoming photography project due, you probably need the perfect idea you can represent through your pictures. Find some interesting photography project ideas in this article.

All you creative photography professionals and amateurs know the value of a good photograph, that a photograph can speak a thousand words, that your interpretation of a picture is going to be way different from the interpretation of a layman. This is what photography elicits from both, the professional and the layman – different points of view on a modest subject, which is usually overlooked in the rut of daily life. For those of you on a lookout for some great photography project ideas, here is a vast array of subjects you may not have considered previously.

Ideas for a Photography Project

Always keep in mind that a photography project is not valued only by the quality of photographs, but also by the theme that your photographs are centered on. Furthermore, the way you perceive the subject is important. As a creative professional, you are expected to have a viewpoint that is completely different from the common perception of a subject. On the other hand,

Tips to Choose Wedding Photography Services

It is natural that you want to capture all the special moments in your upcoming wedding and that too beautifully. In that case, it is necessary to hire a professional wedding Photography services Thornhill is very important. The following facts highlight the fundamental ways to choose a wedding photographer for your marriage ceremony.

  • A professional and reputed wedding photographer should have a permanent location for conducting the photography business. In that case, do not just get satisfied by the website but make sure to enough digging to find his location and if possible do visit the place for better assurance. The reason is that you would never want some stranger photographer to cover wedding ceremony.

  • Before you are hiring a wedding photographer it is necessary to make sure that they or the person will be there with you in every important event of the wedding. Furthermore, the person should help you in planning different events as well as he or she must there at the event before anybody else.

  • This might sound strange yet it is true that every photographer

Aerial Photography

An aerial photograph is an image of ground taken from a height. The cameras are generally fixed at aircraft, helicopters, balloons and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), etc. The camera may be a remote control or radio operated so the photographer can capture the target when the camera is in air. But it shouldn’t be misunderstood / mixed with air-to-air photography, which is the picture of a flying aircraft taken by other flying aircraft.

Aerial photos and videos are deepening their roots in Real estate business by establishing new scopes for a better Real estate marketing. But what pushes us to say that it is really required for Real estate business? The outlook of any product creates the impression in the buyer’s mind about that product, which could become its final impression.   So the concept of Aerial Photography to Hire Services is a good choice.

Aerial photos are broadly divided into two types, Vertical aerial pictures, and Oblique aerial pictures. Both are used on different platforms. Before choosing Aerial Photography to Hire Services of it, the customer should ensure whether he wants a vertical image of his property to use it for the purpose of mapping and

Tips Changing Photography Forever

Ansel Adams, most widely known in the photography world for his immaculate and accurate view of nature, changed the way people looked at photography. Adams described himself in three ways: a photographer, lecturer, and writer. But in actuality, you can combine these three facets and call him a communicator.

Born in 1902, Adams photographic vision was born immediately as he spent his childhood growing up in the natural beauty of San Francisco, California. As a shy and lonesome boy, Adams typically took long walks in the still-wild reaches of the Golden Gate observing and enjoying the nature.

Ansel Adams’ true passion for nature photography came from the Yosemite Sierra, where he spent substantial time at from 1916 until his death in 1984. Starting with the Kodak No. 1 Box Brownie that his parents gave him, Adams hiked, climbed, and explored the beauty of nature.

In 1930 Adams met photographer Paul Strand, whose images had a huge impact on Adams. It was his images that helped move Adams from a pictorial style in the 1920’s to straight photography. Adams eventually would become straight photography’s most articulate and masterful photographer.

What characterizes Adams’ nature photography

Techniques to Enhance Photography Skills

To learn photography you need to take out time for it. Anybody can take casual photos. However, if you want to take quality shots, good digital photography technique is required. Following are few techniques that you can learn to enhance your photography skills.

Use the Sun to Light Your Pictures

Are you familiar with the fact that natural sunlight is one of the finest lights for great shots with fine details as well as fabulous colors? But you need to take note that extreme sunlight is able to cast harsh shadows. Try not to take pictures when the sun is straight above your head, as well.

Using the Flash Properly

The flash is a great tool if you know how to use it properly. You should keep a right distance when using the tool. It can’t be too close or distant. Often, a digital camera flash has a range of approximately three meters. If the flash is too distant, your photographs will be too dark. On the other hand, if your flash is too close, you will cause the subject to be harshly lit.

Guide in Getting Portrait service Photography

Whenever you book a Maui portrait photography service, you’ll need to make sure that certain things are provided by the photographer. And you cannot simply take the photographer’s word for it; you’ll need to do a bit of digging and make sure that the services will be worth the price you’re paying and that you’ll benefit from a great product in the end. There are a few things to take into consideration, ranging from customer reviews to the availability and contents of a portfolio provided by the photographer.

Customer Reviews

The main thing you’ll need to keep an eye out for is customer reviews. Any Maui portrait photography service relied heavily on its customer base and if the photographer cannot satisfy them and provide them with good end-results, then the reviews will be mostly negative. Search for a photographer who has made lots of people looking for good portraits happy. Portrait photography is a kind of photo session which relies on exposing and focusing on the person or group of people who want their picture taken. It’s very common at weddings where the newlyweds are featured in

Professional Photography Courses

Photography is one of the great element for the people in their life. By this one can capture the memorable moments of their life for ever. But knowledge of a good photography is needed for capturing the best shots. Many people click a photo through their camera or other devices but still they are not satisfied after many shots because of lack of knowledge, adjustment of lenses and many more. Therefore it necessary to get professional training from the best training institute.

Those who are interested to secure their career in this field can choose photography as a career. Career in photography is interesting and one can do both professional as well as part time job. There are lots of training institutes, which offer photography courses according to students skill. While getting training from the institute, professional experience is required. So choose the institute that have at-least 5 years experience in this field.

In this course student will learn about the various basics of capturing a shot by getting purely practical training over it. Students joining this course will get knowledge on mega pixels, set resolution, print size and file formats. A professional training institute that

Tips Prints photography for decorating house

Do you want to have something very beautiful for your home decoration? Well in that case, one of the very good options available for you is fine art photography prints. It is not just the professional picture style but at the same time it is artistic creative vision that is combined with the special effects. These are the photography prints that you would definitely like to know.

In case you want to have some object in your house that will just add to the classy and elegant collection that you have then fine art photography prints is the best choice. Even though this style is very rarely used in advertising or in media, it is still something that has lots of audience.

The evolution of fine art photography prints was long back, but due to it being so much in demand there have been upcoming of galleries and exhibitions that offer such kind of paintings. These galleries and exhibitions are held by the very famous photographers. While there are a few galleries, that have different photographers from various parts of the world displaying their photographs.


Tips to improve your photos

1. Choose an interesting subject to photograph

One of the easiest ways to improve your photography is by taking photos of interesting subjects. Of course, you can take great creative photos of uninteresting subjects, but if you choose an interesting subject to photograph in the first place, it makes taking a great photo much easier.

So where do you find these interesting subjects? They can be found everywhere, from a stormy landscape, to a simple street scene, to a flower in your garden or local park.

Just take a walk around your local neighbourhood with your camera, and you’re sure to find something interesting to photograph.

2. Pay attention to the light quality

Something that has a big effect on how your photograph looks is the quality of light that is hitting your subject. There are two aspects of lighting that you need to pay attention to – the colour of the light and how harsh / diffused the light is.

Colour temperature

As a general rule, we tend to prefer photos with a warm (golden) tone. The warmest light naturally occurs

Impact Of Photography On Artists

Various inventions in the field of photography saw the raise of more advanced concepts of art in various scions. This can be attributed to the fact that, though art principally dwells on individual’s imagination and creativity, photography revolutionized the whole conventional art set up. Therefore, by early 19th century, various factor had cropped up and in the consequent years saw the raise of use of advanced colors, texture as well as light in painting,however,the advent of photography which required less materials and consumed less time and manpower negatively derailed the world of ordinary art. Think of Toulouse-Lautrec who  throughout his calling, which spanned less than 20 years, produced 737 canvases, 272 watercolors, 362 prints and posters, 5,080 drawings, some stoneware and discolored glass work, and an indefinite number of misplaced  or stolen works. His obligation to the impressionists, in particular the more metaphorical painters Manet and Degas, is evident.  (Charles,2000)

Likewise, his style was also leaning towards the orthodox Japanese woodprints which sprout and became trendy in art circles in Paris. In his works, it can be accrued that there are numerous links to Manet’s isolated barmaid. By

skills of photography

Portrait photographing skills and post-production of “MoriGirl Style”

Using the backlight to produce dazzling outline light around the figures and building a kind of very wonderful atmosphere is a good way to shoot mori style’s photos. Post-production revising also can let the screen with more “MoriGirl Style”.

The glare photographing portraits when use the backlighting skillfully

The photographer Warrior likes to use glare to photograph backlighting portrait, he does not use flash to fill light, because the flash can darken the background in a certain extent and destroy the atmosphere of natural environment, so you should control exposure value well under the glare.

When the glare is relatively strong, you can reduce the exposure half a block after carrying out photometry of the face, then you need to adjust the position of the camera. The aperture is F1.4 and shutter speed is 1/1250 seconds, set sensitivity to ISO 100, use Canon 5 d Mark II and Canon EF35mm F1.4 L lens.

Blow the hair back, and the sun is on the bottom of the model’s head, while the arm appears the glare, it does not affect the subject, so he adjusts

Portrait photography commissions

The biggest single challenge for a corporate headshot photographer is to understand the client’s perspective about having a portrait taken. I would say that 80% of the portraits I took so far this year have been of people that did not really want the portrait taken. Unless a individual can see a direct benefit to themselves of having a professional corporate headshot taken they do not want to get involved with the process.

When I am offered a commission it normally is sourced from the marketing dept of a company. The marketing people can see the benefits of capturing good professional staff portraits of all their peole to use in all areas of the companies media. The problem is that when I am called in to take the portraits I am normally confronted with individuals who would rather be getting on with their work. I have developed techniques to help things run more smoothly but you have to be aware that you are not going to get an easy ride. Making people relaxed and comfortable is important. You have to win them over and make them see that you are there to take a good photo of

Digital Photography Technical Tips

Digital Photography Technical Tips

Choosing Camera

The most relevant question that users have is what kind of camera they should choose. Camera users are categorized into three main categories: amateurs, hobbyists and professionals, and knowing in which category you are can help you identify what features might be important, and what type of camera would suits  your needs. Do you want to just take a few pictures of family and friends, capture your vacation memories, or produce shots of nature and landscapes to prepare a portfolio? Also think about how much quality you are ready to trade away for portability, as cameras can range from large and bulky professional quality SLR cameras (Single Lens Reflex) to small ultra-portable cameras, and some of the cameras may not even have a flash. You may be in any one of the above said category and Indian Institute of (IIP), online school of Photography guides you in knowing more about camera selection though their Online Photography courses with hands-on experience.

Camera categories

Cameras are typically divided into groups: ultra-compact, compact, prosumer or hobbyist, and digital SLR, and most

design tips for photographers

As your wedding moments are something that you hold close to the heart, you want the album to reflect elegance and stay memorable forever. There are two options for you at this point. Either you can try yourself or depend on the wedding photographer or a professional company. If you have decided to give it a try, there are certain wedding album design tips for photographers that can be helpful for you also. Your story is always special and unique. So, these tips are generic and you can definitely move ahead with out of the box thoughts. Normally below advices come handy in most of the cases.

Start by organising the photos

You surely have hundreds of digital photos with you snapped from different angles. They reveal various situations, actions and moments. It will take time but please go through all of them and organize them based on the instances. Sort out the ones that you wish to see in your final album. Filtering the needed photos will make the entire process swifter and easier. This will also give you an idea regarding yourmuch-loved and unavoidable ones

Photography Techniques Digital For Beginner

This may be the chore of the digital food photographer. Their job is to draw people to food that looks delicious by using photography.

Moreover, as foods truly are a standard requirement and food providers are incredibly favorite place you go,food photography Singapore is a more lucrative career which you may possibly like to try. If you are a fresher in this industry and you prefer to learn the appropriate route around, here are some lovely tips to get started.

1.    Being considered a Foodie

Yes, it is a fact that you can’t be regarded as a food digital photographer really if you dislike food. The best food photography fans are people w ho watch the importance of food and also the enthusiasm and satisfaction which is associated with cooking it. In spite of the fact that you don’t have to be regarded as a cook or may be a savvy food critic, it could help to study about diverse cuisines along with other food related aspects which will help you to get awesome pictures.

2.    Have an understanding of the composition and lights

In any type of photography, composition and lights are two

The Changing Styles of Photography

Our appetites have changed over the years and no more is this clearly reflected than in food photography. The rise of organic, real food combined with a focus on healthier diets over the last decade has seen a major change in how food is presented through photography.

No longer are we quite as tempted by a plate of perfect looking, vividly coloured food rested neatly on a table. These days, food photographers set out to capture society’s ever-changing tastes by ‘keeping it real’ – in other words – messy is in. Think of a slice of chocolate cake with icing oozing off the side, or a succulent steak with pepper sauce splashed almost carelessly about the plate. Today, this is how we like to see our food presented. This messy approach to food photography is now the favoured style for many in the food business.

If you look through a recent cook book or check out some recipe websites, then the chances are you’re more likely to see this rather modern style of food photography, and it’s not just about being messy. Food photographers are more likely

Tips Home Photography

If photography is your hobby you living in Abu Dhabi and you think you can get some good pictures so with small tips and practice you can run your own photography enterprise, consider opening a photography business in your home. It is simple to do, and you can bring in a steady income while only working part-time. Choose your specialty. Decide what type of photos you most enjoy taking. Abu Dhabi Wedding photography

Abu Dhabi event photography, Abu Dhabi sport photography, Dubai kids photography or you love to be aDubai fashion photographer or Dubai stock photographer Write a photographer business plan as well as registering your business with local officials and setting up a bank account exclusively for the business. Talk to an accountant about the advantages of incorporating. Buy the necessary equipment. You will need camera, tripods, lights, lenses, backgrounds and any other equipment.

Find a reliable supplier that you can continually use as your business grows. My suggestion in start just by a semi professional camera kit its much enough try to go for Canon as here in Dubai photographer using Set up pricing information.

A Photograph Speaks a Lot

Photography has become a growing passion among many in the world:

There are many people in the world who are fascinated towards the world of photography. But it is essential for them to find the right guide who can lead their way in this particular field. Talking about high end and advanced photography there are numerous companies in today’s world. Photography is something which is taken as a passion by people from all corners of the world.  But it should also be understood that the choices and preferences of different photographers may vary from each other. For instance a Photographer in Canada may be interested in nature photography while a photographer from Dubai may be interested in fashion photography.

Some of the features of modern photography:

  • Light plays a significant role in most of the photographic works. An expert photographer uses the element of light very smartly and efficiently in his works.
  • An experienced photographer should always have a creative approach to bring out the best effect.
  • A good photographer always uses high end cameras like S.L.R and D.S.L.R to get the best outcomes.

There are two